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Technical Articles

"Lube for Life"
By Dr. Alan J. Heckler
Hoist, August/September 2003, pg. 19

"Bearings Lubed-for-Life"
By Dr. Alan J. Heckler
Plant Engineering, March 2004, pp. 44-45

"Microporous Polymeric Lubricants Provide Unconventional but Effective Solutions"
By Dr. Neil Canter
Tribology & Lubrication Technology, June 2004, pp. 18-22

"Staying Power"
Edited by Elisabeth Eitel
Motion System Design, September 2004, pp. 34-40

"Improved Lubrication System for Overhead Cranes"
By Brandon M. Collins, Dr. Alan J. Heckler and Amy B. Minck
Iron & Steel Technology, June 2007, pp. 46-50

"Lubed for Life Using Microporous Polymeric Lubricants"
By Dr. Alan Heckler
Machinery Lubrication, September/October 2002, pp. 48-52

"The Right Touch"
By Dr. Alan Heckler and Dr. Franklin Guzzetta
Motion System Design, July 2005, pp. 32-36

By Brandon Collins and Dr. Alan Heckler
Overhead Crane & Hoist (OCH), July/August 2010, pp. 12-13

"MicroPoly Lubricants"
By Dr. Franklin H. Guzzetta and Dr. Alan J. Heckler

"Applications of Solid Profiles Made from MicroPoly Lubricants"
By Dr. Alan J. Heckler and Dr. Franklin H. Guzzetta

"Microporous Polymeric Lubricants"
By Dr. Alan J. Heckler

A Study of an Improved Overhead Crane Wheel Flange Lubrication System"
By Alan J. Heckler, Brandon M. Collins, Amy Minck Lachman, Franklin H. Guzzetta and Thomas Coyle
Iron and Steel Technology, September 2014


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