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Chain Lubrication System

This applicator employs grooved blocks of MicroPoly to lubricate chains. The applicator is available in a variety of designs, one of which is shown here. The block’s profile is designed to fit into the chain profile. The oil contained in the MicroPoly is transferred as the chain moves along the blocks. Since MicroPoly has a large reservoir of oil, the blocks provide a long lasting method of chain lubrication with reduced maintenance and improved housekeeping and safety. The applicator sizes are listed in the table at right.

Applicator Sizes

ANSI ChainSingleDoubleTripleQuadruple
25 X X X X
35 X X X X
41 X X X X
40 X X X X
50 X X X X
60 X X X X
80 X X X  
100 X X    
120 X X    
140 X      
160 X      
180 X      
200 X      
240 X      

Available in 6" lengths

MPF-0696 and MPI-0779 generally in stock. Also available in other formulas.

Minimum order quantities may apply.

Mounting bracket (not pictured) available upon request.


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