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High Speed: MPI-S700


PhyMet has developed a new MicroPoly® formulation that can operate at speeds higher than any other microporous polymeric lubricant (MPL) product currently on the market. The new formula, MPI-S700, is a breakthrough in MPL technology and will enable MicroPoly to be used in a variety of lubrication applications that previously were outside the speed limitations of this technology. This product contains corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidants, and E. P. (Extreme Pressure) additives. MPI-S700 has been dyed green to let you know we are "go" for high speeds!

The following charts show the speed limits for three common types of bearings:

Bearing Type 45mm BoreMean Diameter (mm)*Max RPM for MPI-0800Max RPM with MPI-S700
Single row ball 65 4,615 7,170
Spherical roller 65 1,308 2,190
Tapered roller 65 692 1,560

Radial Ball Bearing

radial ball bearings

Tapered Roller Bearing

tapered roller bearings

Spherical Roller Bearing

spherical roller bearings

— MPI S700 — Standard MPL Note: Mean diameter is calculated as follows: Mean diameter = 0.5(ID + OD)


MPI-S700 Product Data Sheet

MPI-S700 Material Safety Data Sheet


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