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MicroPoly® Lube Arcs

MicroPoly® Lube Arcs are a patented system for lubricating the wheel flanges of overhead cranes. In a study conducted on overhead cranes in an automotive plant it was shown that MicroPoly® Lube Arcs can:

  • Increase wheel life over 10 times
  • Cut maintenance costs and downtime
  • Decrease man hours at height for maintenance issues
  • Be easily installed and maintained

This case study was featured in the September 2014 issue of Iron & Steel Technology. The article details the application and findings, but the graph below gives quick view of the results:

Case Study Flange Wear Data


The wear rate on the flanges was reduced from 0.712mm per month to 0.034mm, taking the life of the crane wheels from 16 months to an estimated 324 months (27 years). That’s an estimated 1,925% increase in life!

We can’t promise all wheel life projections will be this extreme, but we can confidently say that if you’re not getting at least 10 years life out of your crane wheels, you need to use this product.

Call us for more information, or complete the Quote Request Form and fax or email it to request a quote for your application. We’re looking forward to helping you stop buying crane wheels!

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